Kon Chauvi - Bon Jovi Coverband & Tributeband - celebrating songs of Bon Jovi
Our salute goes out to all the
who keep the spirit alive.

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Kon Chauvi - Bon Jovi Coverband & Tributeband - celebrating songs of Bon Jovi
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The beginning...

The members of the band have spent quite some time together. Starting in the eighties, there was only singer Kush and keyboarder Armin playing in a rock band together with two other guys. When 1984 BON JOVI released "Runaway" we started to play that song live (and are doing it ever since). In 1987 guitar player Maff joined in. Bass player Schwengler lined up and drummer Tommy joined the band two years later.

New challenges...

Having played cover songs of various rock bands such as DEF LEPPARD, WHITESNAKE, TOTO, GARY MOORE and others for many years we were looking for a new challenge. And for there has always been a strong affection to the songs of that New Jersey Rock Band it just had to come that way. So during a long and hard night of drinking - Kush and Armin built the concept for the tribute project "KON CHAUVI". Already having about 10 Bon Jovi songs in the play list we started practicing another 10 songs. To show every Bon Jovi Fan what he can expect the name KON CHAUVI was set which is a local German slang for "no chauvinist" and is making fun of the image often attached to rock groups.

Our first concert poster "New Shirts, Ey" as a NEW JERSEY CD cover look-alike made perfectly clear: BON JOVI Fans wanted! And we set up an aim: not to just cover the songs but to celebrate them! With a lot of effort and practicing we were building our play list, taking care of every solo, every sound, every background vocal and even every sigh Jon was performing. We enjoyed that very much because we found it very easy to get into that BON JOVI feeling. At that stage we did not know or dream about what was going to happen with that funny "project". We simply enjoyed it. Tribute bands were kind of rare at that time so there was a sense of doubt if there would be enough people who could stand more than two hours of BON JOVI songs. But we were in for a surprise...

From zero to hero...

The first show in KON CHAUVIs home town was quite a big success and about 500 people watched us perform. It was a good start and we were lucky to set up a gig in the biggest local Rock Disco for the end of that month. At that day it happened: the doors had to be closed at 9 p.m. because the club was packed to capacity with 850 people. More than 200 people had to be sent away! We could not believe it. In the following weeks the telephone didn't stop ringing. But we managed to keep cool and did not make the same mistake a lot of bands make. We did not play every gig that was offered to us! I guess that's why, after all the years now, every KON CHAUVI Gig is still crowdie. So in the last years we played a lot of shows, had lots of fun, drank a lot of beer and met a whole lot of nice people.

Our salute goes out to all the BON JOVI and KON CHAUVI Fans who keep the spirit alive.

Thanks for the fun and support.

Keep The Faith!

Kush, Armin, Tommy, Maff & Schwengler

Kon Chauvi - the first promo tape Kon Chauvi - Kick the Faith An Evening with Kon Chauvi - celebrating songs of Bon Jovi
The first promo tape (1994)

(for promotional
use only)
The first CD
"Kick The Faith" (1995)
recorded live at the first
"Monsters Of Cover" - Show

(sold out)
The second CD
"An evening with
Kon Chauvi" (1997)
recorded live - based on the legendary Bon Jovi MTV show in 1993

(sold out)