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Jon Bon Jovi, June 1998:
" Kon Chauvi? I know them. They cover us note-by-note. They're f***ing good - better than us. "

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Kon Chauvi - Bon Jovi Coverband & Tributeband - celebrating songs of Bon Jovi
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VIVA TV interview

Jon and Richie were visiting the German TV station VIVA on May 27, 2003.

One of the questions was:
Do you know some german artists?

Jon: I guess we have met a few .....
KON CHAUVI, a band that plays our covers.

Richie: They are very good!
Almost better than us....

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What Jon & Richie think about


Here's an extract taken from an interview with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora in the German magazine "Musik Express" (issue 10/2002):

What do you think about Bon Jovi tribute bands like Kon Chauvi or Crossroads?

JON: We know Kon Chauvi. We have their first album and now I've heard they made a second one. I'd love to hear that.

Did you ever see them perform live?

JON: No, just listened to their album.
RICHIE: There was this Bon Jovi Coverband called "Slippery When Wet" playing in a Club in the city I live in, but they are far away from Kon Chauvi's high standard.

Jon's opinion about KON CHAUVI

Here is a little part of a transcript of an online chat with Jon Bon Jovi
(Jan 4th, 2000): nice to read that he remembers us!!!

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, January 6,  2000 5:15 PM
Subject: [bjlist] some of the transcript...

Ok guys I thought that I would put a short transcript together of the chat with Jon, Mike and Obie.. on Tuesday the 4th of January...

Will Richie sing any lead on the album?
JON: NO!!!! because he is too good and I would be out of a job.. He is only going to be doing background vocals..

Jon, any plans for a solo album?
JON: Definetly

So what about the tour?
JON: it will only be 6 months and will start in the far east.. and the summer months will be over seas.

Someone asked about the music sound...
JON: we are in a better mood this time around and this is allot like slippery.. YOU will LOVE this record..
(he was very excited when he was talking about it)

Someone asked about there being a live album..
JON: yea sure someday

What do you think of tribute bands?
JON: KON CHAUVI is a really great band :) (sounding very happy with them)

faith always
KDMX radio interview

At an interview with the american Radiostation KDMX in july 2003 the talkmaster was joking with Jon & Richie after their unplugged performance of "Everyday":

"You guys sound exactly like Bon Jovi!"

Jon replied: "Well, we're Kon Chauvi!"

 KDMX interview (short version) 

Bon Jovi Convention in Madrid, Spain

Here's a mail the reached us from Eduardo of the spanish Bon Jovi Magazine "The Jersey Syndicate":

----- Original Message -----
From: Eduardo Delgado
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 1999 6:05 PM

"Hi, Kush, this is Eduardo from Madrid. I have a funny thing to tell you, I´m sure you´ll like it. Last friday I did the Bon Jovi Convention we use to do every year, in Madrid. While people was coming into the venue, I played An Evening with Kon Chauvi. Everything was normal, people started to listen "These Days", but then it started "Bang A Drum". Lots of people came to me asking me "what is this Jon´s solo concert? I thought he never played Bang a Drum live!".
Then I told them it was Kon Chauvi, they couldn´t believe it, they didn´t hear the difference until I told them!
Through the convention, many people came and asked me to play "Dry County". At the end, I played Kon Chauvi´s "Dry County", but I told by the microphone I was going to play your record, not from Keep The Faith. When it finished, everyone started to clap their hands... I have a lot of orders from An Evening with KC !!!! I hope you like this story !!!"

More about "The Jersey Syndicate" at
Bon Jovi & Kon Chauvi

"Thanks guys!
Good luck!"
That sounds good. Well, Jon, thank YOU. Keep writing good songs!
David's autograph on our CD: "Thanks for the compliment. Keep Rockin' on!"
We'll do!
Jon & Richie with the first Kon Chauvi CD "Kick The Faith" Jon signing our CD!