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Statement from Kush
[KON CHAUVI singer]

January 2008



Dear Kon Chauvi friends,

first of all sorry, that it took so long to get an update of us. The reason is simple: there was nothing new and until a few days ago my statement from last March was still up-to-date. We have read your greetings, wishes and complaints, of course, the whole time.

I'm also pleased about the many recovery wishes, and that after two years we were still missed by you. But health in the first place is very private. So please understand that I didn't want to have any step on the way to improvement reported on the KC website.

So, that is the fact: unfortunately we're going to split off at the end of 2008. You can believe us that this decision wasn't easy to make. At the end, however, health comes first and it would be foolish to pretend as if nothing had happened. But most important to us is to end the chapter Kon Chauvi properly. Fortunately, I am fit again so far and equipped with the necessary in-ear monitoring technology, that we dare together to play a number of selected events. We are currently in talks with organizers and will soon have a list of live dates. I count on about 5 - 6 shows between July and December. Of course we would be delighted to welcome you to these shows.

To pre-empt the question why we're stopping, if we still can play 6 shows: The farewell concerts require special effort in the preparation and caution at the presentation. This is o.k. for a farewell tour because for this all other things can stand behind. But I'm not able to do this permanently. The reasons for this are private, I hope for your understanding.

So, that was the most important update, the dates and further information will follow soon. If you have any questions or opinions, you can write us. Sign our Guestbook or contact us through our contact form. We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Until then, and many greetings to you all.